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DUs in the EU, Ocean Market updates, and MyData Online 2020 - the latest from Swash

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New pages on swashapp.io

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the new media page on Swash. This is where you'll find all mentions of Swash across media, external blogs, podcasts, and videos.

We’ve also created a new contact page too, so it’s even easier to get in touch with the team.

On top of this, there's been a few bug fixes, newly-added collection points on Amazon, and a new module for collecting data from Etsy.

Ocean Marketplace

Following the launch of Ocean’s V3 Market and the success Swash has received, we have now automated updates to the Swash dataset. These updates will happen weekly from today onwards.

To learn more about the marketplace, check out the video below with Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures and Bruce Pon from Ocean discussing all things datatokens and Initial Data Offerings.

Data Unions in the EU Data Governance Act

Big news for Data Unions! The latest public draft of the EU Data Governance Act outlines European data policy for the next decade. In this, the European Commission mentions Data Unions as

intermediaries between data subjects and potential data users in the economy”.

The impact of this is extraordinary. As the world’s first digital Data Union, it’s exciting to see Swash paving the way for new digital ecosystems. Read more about what this means for Data Unions in this article by Streamr’s Marlene Ronstedt.

Data is Labor - Why we need Data Unions

Given the news about DUs in the EU, you may want to learn more about how Data Unions work, or why they’re important.

This article by James Felton Keith for CoinDesk puts it all into context; the historical significance, data as a form of labor, and the potential of DUs in policy, technology, and legislation.

For more on this, check out this conversation between JFK, Streamr’s Shiv Malik, President of RadicalxChange, Matt Prewitt, and the Data Dividend Project CEO, Enoch Liang:

MyData Online 2020

On 11th December at 18.30 - 19.30 (UTC), Swash will be at MyData Online 2020.

MyData is a conference that works to empower individuals and organisations with their personal data by answering questions around ethical data sharing, mitigating global challenges, and shaping rules for a better internet.

Join in the discussion by grabbing your tickets here.

1000 $DATA monthly giveaway

Finally, if you’re the owner of wallet 0x32A72eB1ecff8AF84D14b56dA6E0AA6878a00d2A then check your balance - Swash gifted you 1000 $DATA for the most new referrals in October!

What inspired us this week

📺 This talk by MIT's Prof. Sandy Pentland for a deep contextual dive into Data Unions and their potential.

📚 This article by Hannah Fry for The New Yorker on testing in Big Tech.

👂 This refreshing playlist by ICA Daily.

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Partnerships, Podcasts, ProductHunt - This week at Swash

Earlier this week, Ocean Protocol launched Ocean Market as part of their V3 update. Swash has partnered with Ocean as an Ocean Market Data Launch Partner, making it possible for Swash data to be bought and staked by the community....

Swash integrating with Chainlink to make sponsored withdrawals and proportional revenue sharing a reality

We are excited to announce that Swash will be integrating with Chainlink, the market-leading decentralised oracle network that connects smart contracts to real-world data existing outside their native blockchains (off-chain)....