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Partnerships, Podcasts, ProductHunt - This week at Swash

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Swash x Ocean Protocol partnership

Earlier this week, Ocean Protocol launched Ocean Market as part of their V3 update. Swash has partnered with Ocean as a day 1 Ocean Market Data Launch Partner, making it possible for Swash data to be bought by data buyers and staked by the community.

This partnership will open Swash up to a wider audience of data buyers and, with that, bring more value back to the community. We’re super excited to be a part of this and are confident it will set new standards in the decentralised data sphere, bridging the relation between Streamr and Ocean Protocol. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

If you have any questions, send them over in the Swash Telegram channel!

1World Online partnership

We’re excited to partner with 1World Online, a Silicon Valley-based company that provides Consumer Intelligence to advertisers to make data-driven business decisions. This partnership marks the real-life potential of Swash for data buyers, making clear the benefits, practical application, and impact Swash will have on the data economy at large.

“1World believes in decentralised, incentive-powered Web 3.0, where people own their data and get rewarded for their online activities. Swash serves this purpose, making it possible for us to upgrade our offering to our clients in a transparent and ethical way.”
- Alex Fedosseev, Founder & CEO of 1World

Welcome to Swash, Lety Kemp!

We’re pleased to welcome Lety Kemp, Head of Data Solutions at Crunch Digital Media as an advisor to Swash.

"I truly respect what Swash is developing, they are using blockchain to decentralise ownership, making data value distribution easy, secure and accessible to everyone."
- Lety Kemp

Lety is a data analytics thought leader with over 20 years' experience in digital marketing and team leadership. She is currently working at the cutting edge of marketing data analytics for a leading group of marketing agencies in the UK. Recently, Lety completed a MSc in Data Science, specialising in visual analytics and solidifying the knowledge she had acquired throughout many years working with marketing data.

Latest podcasts

Tune in to the TX Explored Tomorrow podcast with Swash's, Reza Naeeni, and Streamr's Shiv Malik, to hear more about data monetisation and how Data Unions play a role in creating more dignified data value chains.

Also, if you've got 10 minutes, tune in to this Gunnercooke podcast with Swash's, Chloe Diamond, to learn about changing attitudes towards data and the future of the data economy.

ProductHunt launch

As many of you may have seen on social media, we also launched Swash on ProductHunt! ProductHunt is a site for discovering new products, with upvotes by the community determining what gets featured on their main page each day. We gained 71 upvotes on our first day thanks to the community - not bad at all!

We’ll be launching new updates through there, so stay tuned and don’t forget to upvote.

What inspired us this week

👂 This podcast by The Economist discussing big data monopolies and data monetisation as a solution.

📚 This article by Jaron Lanier and Glen Weyl, diving deep into the role of data in AI.

📚 If you’re looking for something to chew on, we found this report by Emanuel Moss and Jacob Metcalf as part of the AI on the Ground Initiative (AIGI) at the Data & Society Research Institute fascinating.

📺 An old favourite; David Bowie getting excited about the internet back in 1999.

📺 This artwork by Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine called "I'd rather be in a dark silence than" (2020) that brings function into fashion with signal-blocking wearables. With their Privacy Collection, the duo explore the role of technology, data, and convenience culture in our daily lives.

Swash makes it possible to earn as you surf the web. Users simply install, browse, and earn.  

We’re set on redesigning the data economy to work better for everyone and to create a better internet.

We believe this is only possible by rewarding the data creators (yes, that means you) for the value generated online and by recognising every internet user as an integral part of the data economy.

Swash makes it possible for everyone to profit from their data, redefining how data is collected and valued, with the goal of accelerating change and redefining our data economy.

If you have questions or want to know more about Swash, feel free to write to me at [email protected] or join our community on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. Don't forget - our referral program is still running, meaning that you'll receive $DATA for every new friend you bring to Swash.

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