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Swash Spotlight Series: Alex Fedosseev — CEO and Founder, 1World Online

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Swash partners with the players innovating business processes and bringing a fresh approach to old models and sectors while aligning interests between organisations and the end-consumer.

The Spotlight Series has a mission to find and bring those thought leaders to the limelight, showcasing their achievements and thoughts on the data economy, decentralised technologies, crypto, and much more.

This week’s edition highlights one innovator doing just that in the ad agency world, Alex Fedosseev.

Find out more about his thoughts on the shift from Web 2 to Web 3, what a new data economy could look like, and how 1World Online and Swash align to accomplish those goals.

Meet Alex Fedosseev, CEO and Founder 1World Online

Alex Fedosseev founded 1World Online, a leading agency based in Silicon Valley, where brands, publishers, and individuals can gain from participating in the ad world.

Alex is a prominent proponent of the decentralised world, looking to partner with companies within the Web 3 sphere while incorporating crypto and new decentralised technologies into his agency.

Alex’s work at 1World Online focuses on increasing engagement to publishers, improving and augmenting the monetisation of brands, and rewarding members with crypto for completing market intelligence tasks.

Keep reading to learn about the goals behind 1World Online, Alex's views on the state of the web, how distributed teams can leverage worldwide talent, and how Swash is a forerunner to helping people as they approach an increasingly decentralised world.

Here are some of the most interesting remarks from the chat

Alex sees the web changing to a brighter future, “from the Web 2, the Internet of Data, to the Web 3, the Internet of Value.”

The shift is significant and not seen in decades, with implications for both organisations and people. For Alex, this is a new internet where “all the transactions within people, organisations, governments are going to move to the blockchain.”

Alex envisions a new world where people “exchange value very much like an exchange of information,” the same way as sending a simple message or email.

How does Web 3 enter the picture to solve the data agency challenge?

Alex sees many partners worldwide working towards the goal of a brighter and fairer society based on the ethos of Web 3, while delivering “true value to people.”

Swash is one actor leading the way.

“Swash, in particular, is a remarkable company because they have the same vision as 1World Online that people should be incentivised for things.”

How to make it a reality amid implementation challenges?

The incentive mechanisms within apps like Swash “should become possible in a user-friendly way because mass adoption is still a big problem,” according to Alex.

One step closer to adoption with easy-to-use solutions

“I believe Swash is doing exactly the right approach,” starting with the Swash browser extension, “allowing people to get rewarded for their online activities.”

However, the path forward should be a joint effort from the entire ecosystem.

Swash and 1World Online are partnering with “other companies working to make this user-experience really seamless,” creating an “ecosystem delivering combined value, which is more significant.”

Making individual differences the force behind the next step of the Web 3

Distributed teams like Swash and 1World Online work with people worldwide, from different countries and cultures, to create a stronger unified team that serves multiple audiences.

This “view of the world is extremely powerful because we combine these values together and build solutions that apply to different people around the world.”

Swash is one of the international teams betting on talent from the four corners of the world and bringing to life solutions that serve people and empower them.

Watch the full interview here:

About Swash:

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