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Join Swash, Streamr, and Ocean Protocol at the World Ethical Data Forum - Wednesday 17 March 2021

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The Future of Cryptocurrency & Data 

In a world where data is digital, can blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a viable solution for creating a sustainable, human-centric data economy or does individual data monetisation make things worse? The advent of blockchain and Web 3 technologies has offered alternative ways of looking at value and power, but what role does it play in redefining the balance between people, technology, and businesses?

Swash CMO, Chloe Diamond, joins Shiv Malik (Streamr) and Sheridan Johns (Ocean Protocol), with their host, David Wood (Author & Chair of London Futurists), as they explore the current status of the decentralised data sphere, its use cases, and its potential for the future.

Tune in this Wednesday 17 March 2021 at 7pm GMT.

Tickets available here. Don't forget to use the code 'SWASH20' for a 20% discount!

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About WEDF

The World Ethical Data Forum is the only event in the world that embraces the full range of interrelated issues around the use and future of data.

By addressing these concerns and encouraging the collaboration of apparently competing worlds, from technology and big business, government and security agencies, policy makers and the media, to human rights lawyers, whistleblowers, and privacy and transparency advocates, the World Ethical Data Forum is offering a unique and crucial perspective for the future.

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About Swash

Swash makes it possible to earn as you surf the web. Simply install the plugin and use the web as normal to start earning rewards straight into your wallet.

Swash aims to redesign the data economy to work to the benefit of everyone, ultimately creating a better internet. This is only possible by rewarding everyday internet users for the value their data generates as they use the web and by recognising every individual as an integral part of the data economy.

With Swash, everyone can profit from the value of their data. By redefining how data is collected and valued, Swash aims to accelerate change and set new standards for our data economy.

For more information about Swash or to get in touch with the team, visit the Swash website, follow us on social media, or send an email to [email protected]

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