DAO Ignition

Swash DAO Ignition
Hodl to win $300K!

What is the dao ignition?
Meet the DAO Ignition Prize
The DAO Ignition is a campaign to launch the Swash DAO. The campaign will begin on February 15, 2022 and will be live until February 15, 2023. It will kickstart the Swash DAO and boost $SWASH cross-chain token adoption through a one-of-a-kind competition.

Swash will add 20 USDT to the grand prize for every new participant. One lucky winner will take home the prize and everyone who joins will become Early Bird Swash DAO members. As an added bonus, Swash will burn the equivalent of 10% of the monthly average held by the community throughout the campaign!
Register your wallet
Hold $SWASH and follow the game rules
Keep your fingers crossed!
Why join?
In the true spirit of WAGMI
Win the Grand Prize
Enter to be in for a chance of taking home the 300K USDT prize by registering your wallet.
DAO Early Bird Member
Every participant will become an Early Bird Swash DAO member, led by the strongest Swashbucklers.
Burn Swash Token
Trigger Swash to burn 10% of the monthly average held by the community.
Trigger Charity Donation
If the 300K USDT prize total is met, Swash will make a donation to charity at the end of the year!
Shoot your shot
Register below and complete the actions to qualify. Read the blog first to understand the rules
What happens next?
All set? Game on!
Once you’ve registered your wallet and completed the actions, Swash checks the holdings and duration of registered wallets on blockchain scanners and updates your status if and when qualified. You can check the status of your wallet at any time in the ‘Check your wallet’ section below.

Live stats - like the total grand prize amount - will be updated in real time on this page during the course of the campaign.

Follow the Swash website or official social channels for ongoing updates throughout the DAO Ignition campaign, which is live from February 15, 2022 until February 15, 2023.

At the end of the competition, the winner of the 300K USDT prize will be selected, Swash will have burnt 5M tokens, and the DAO will be live! A trustless and verifiable selection method will be used to select the winner at random.
Wallet status
Check your wallet
Once your registration is complete, you can monitor the status of your wallet here.
This wallet is either not registered or is registered but has not completed or has incorrectly completed the necessary actions outlined here
This wallet is registered and has taken all actions. However, they have not yet held the minimum required amount of 5000 Swash tokens for 60 days to be qualified to win
This wallet is a Verified user who has held the minimum required amount of 5000 Swash tokens for the minimum duration of 60 days required to be qualified to win
2022: Year of Growth
Together we rise