DAO Ignition Registration

Register to win here

Fill in the form below carefully with the correct information. Once submitted, be patient and wait for your application to be processed. Do not refresh the page.
Make sure to use your real name so you can be contacted if you win!
Make sure you have a minimum of 100 $SWASH in the wallet you are registering before you submit.
Post a tweet including your wallet address + the following hashtags: $SWASH, #Swash and #SwashDAO.
I have read and understood the rules of the campaign.
I confirm that the wallet I am about to register holds at least 100 $SWASH.
I understand that I have to hold at least 5000 Swash tokens for a minimum total of 60 days while the campaign is live to be in for a chance to win
2022: Year of Growth
Together we rise