Getting started
What is Swash?
Swash is a web browser extension that pays you to browse the web. It’s built using decentralised technology.
How does Swash work?
When you use Swash, data you already give away for free is captured, anonymised, and sold on a decentalised marketplace, hosted by Streamr. Your data is pooled together with others’ to create a large data set, or Data Union, which data buyers pay to access via subscription.
You will then receive 70% of the profits for your contribution, with payments deposited directly into your account in DATAcoin. The remaining 30% will be used by Swash to continue operating and growing the platform. More users = more value for the community.
What is the difference between Swash and giant data collectors?
Swash puts you - as the value contributor - first. Your data is anonymous and end-to-end encrypted for privacy and Swash makes sure you receive proper compensation for your value. That doesn't happen anywhere else.
The data Swash collects is more reliable and much higher quality than others can offer because it’s given with full consent and transparency. Data collectors tend to use shady collection methods and it’s all a bit of a mess, whereas Swash data is clean, transparent, and reliable.
What is Streamr?
Swash has been built on top of the Streamr stack and uses their coin, DATA. Real-time and historical Swash data is listed on the Streamr Marketplace.
Do I need to understand crypto for this?
No, you don’t need to understand anything about cryptocurrencies to be able to start earning. All you need to do is install the extension and let it run. After that, when you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to know how to withdraw your earnings to your chosen Ethereum wallet address.
Which platforms and web browsers are compatible with Swash?
Swash is available on all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome and all Chromium-based web browsers like Chromium, Microsoft Edge Insider, Brave, UC Browser, and Opera. Soon, it will be available on Safari and the team is working on expanding to Android and iOS, so watch this space.
Why does the 'Get Swash' button always direct me to the Chrome store?
The 'Get Swash' button automatically redirects you to the web browser you’re using, but the default is Chrome.
Should I be concerned about my privacy when using Swash?
No, privacy is one of the most important values for Swash. That’s why Swash source code is completely open-source and available on our Github.
How does Swash keep my data anonymous?
Swash doesn't create any relationship between your identity and your data. Your only identifier is your Ethereum wallet address and a random unique identifier. The wallet address is used for authentication and payment purposes.
How can I be sure that my sensitive data is safe and not added to the marketplace?
Swash doesn’t collect any sensitive information at all, so you don’t need to worry. Swash will simply ignore your sensitive data. Check our privacy policy for more detail.
Can I see who buys or uses my data?
Whenever a buyer purchases the product, a transaction will be logged on the Ethereum network. Everyone can track the transactions in Ethereum network and find the buyers' wallet addresses, but it doesn't mean you can find out who is behind the address.
Can I use Swash in a web browser private mode?
When you install Swash, you will be prompted to choose if you would like the extension to work in private windows. For more information about Firefox extensions in private browsing check this link and for Chrome extensions in private browsing check this link.
Note: As there are some limitations in browser private mode, some Swash functionalities may not work properly when you are in private mode.
What currency do I earn?
You earn DATA coin, the native token of Streamr. You can then withdraw your earnings into an Ethereum wallet, where you can easily to withdraw to fiat if you like.
Does ‘Swash is in Beta’ mean I can’t earn money?
No. You still can earn money and buyers can buy the product. It just means it’s not production-grade yet and some glitches and bugs can be expected.
How does Swash make money for its creator team?
The Swash team receives 30% of profits to be able to advance the business. The other 70% goes to Swash users. The more Swash members, the bigger the Data Union. The bigger the Data Union, the more valuable it is for buyers, meaning that everyone who has installed Swash will continue to receive more for their contributions as the ecosystem grows.
Why is my balance zero when I've installed Swash and used my browser for a while?
Unfortunately, this is a bug. Swash is in beta version at the moment so we’re working on fixing any problems that come up. If you find any, don’t hesitate to tell us about it!
The zero balance issue is caused by a synchronisation problem on the Streamr Data Union server. The Streamr team is aware of this and are working to resolve it by implementing a new more robust Data Union backend architecture. Once that is complete, all data unions, including Swash, will run smoothly.
Can I donate my earnings to charity?
Yes, soon! This is one of the new features the team is working on that will be announced soon.
Why won’t Swash stay on after I installed it on my web browser?
It may be due to corruption in Swash local storage. If closing and opening your web browser doesn’t fix the issue, you should uninstall the extension and install it again.
How can I get support or submit a bug?
Please contact us at [email protected]