2023 Year In Review

Achievements and releases made in the past year, summarised.

2023 Year In Review

With 2023 coming to an end, it’s time to get cosy and take a look back at this year’s highlights.

2023 marks the end of an era, with all roadmap milestones set out in the Swash whitepaper more than two years ago now completed! Not only that, the various products and features set out there are live and set for continued evolution and expansion to new audiences and businesses worldwide.

This year in numbers:

  • 6.2M $SWASH distributed (to date)
  • 341,000+ Swash community members (to date)
  • 7 DAO proposals
  • 3 new products launched (Swash Ads, sIntelligence, sCompute)
  • 2 new memberships (DMA + Crypto UK)
  • 9,690 total community referrals
  • 3 Swash Earn partners
  • 29,800+ Swash members earning from ads

Before you go ahead and read all about it, here is a little sneak peek preview of all notable product, feature and endorsement releases! 👇

If you’re impressed with all of that, wait until you dive deeper…

Surveys (aka Swash Earn) are here!

Swash’s commitment to increasing earning opportunities didn’t stop at the extension only. Shortly after the release of Swash Ads, the development of the Swash survey feature began.

Partnered with industry-leading survey providers Cint and CPX, Swash Earn (a desktop dashboard within which users can earn from answering surveys) went live in Q3 2023. With the opportunity of increasing users’ monthly earnings to up to $200, to date, the survey feature has been the most lucrative earning opportunity.

Later in Q4, Bitlabs were added as another survey partner, bringing you more opportunities to suit every taste.

But, the thrill ride doesn’t end here! Check back in the new year for a completely new look and many more partners. From tasks like playing games and testing apps through to surveys, the Swash Earn platform is set to expand rapidly, endlessly multiplying the total monthly rewards available!

Until then, to earn from sharing your opinions, go here.

Swash is endorsed by the EU Commission!

If you look at Swash’s media page, it is clear that the ecosystem has been getting noticed time after time since the very beginning. To date, the Data Union model and the household name of ‘Swash’ has been featured in research by the likes of Mozilla, the ODI, and Aapti Institute, and approved for membership after independent audits by several prestigious regulatory institutions such as the DMA, ICO and Crypto UK.

In August 2023, the project was featured in the EU Commission’s report titled ‘Mapping the landscape of data intermediaries‘, marking it the first time a Web3 solution was endorsed by a regulatory body of this status!

Spring 2024 is set to see the EU Digital Markets Act come into force, aiming to make the digital economy fairer by regulating dominant tech companies to ensure a more level playing field for competition. This, combined with the phasing out of cookies starting Q124, is set to create fertile ground for innovation and for new companies to pave the way, in which Swash is in prime position.

Swash enables data scientists to innovate through machine learning models with sCompute

Committed to pushing boundaries within the current data industry and economy, Swash has also successfully released sCompute — a revolutionary product that is a dream come true for data scientists and developers, letting them work their magic on top-notch data without sacrificing privacy.

In the world where everything runs on data, it’s essential to dig out insights while keeping the data safe. sCompute does the heavy lifting right on the data itself, without waving it around for all to see, allowing developers to better train and test their AI and ML models.

Learn more.

Swash Ads goes live!

Beginning 2023 with a bang, Swash unveiled the long anticipated ‘Earn More’ feature in Q1 2023. As part of the new shiny tab within the Swash extension, Swash Ads were born — allowing each and every opted-in user to earn extra $SWASH for their ad-attention and for businesses to connect with a hard-to-reach Web 3 audience.

To date, Swash Ads have amassed 29.3k+ native users, helped serve over 6.71b ads and 25m impressions per month. If you have opted-in to Swash Ads, you may have also noticed that the ad-fuelled earnings have been increasing month-on-month, with July seeing an all-time-high increase of over 400% compared to the previous month!

Learn more here. Not yet opted-in? Here is the how-to guide for earning more with Swash!

The launch of the Swash DAO

The Swash DAO was unveiled to the Swash community with both token-based and reputation-based proposals.

So far, the community has cast several votes on product-related as well as community matters, resulting in the closure of the Swash Telegram channel and a full migration to Discord, plus the release of surveys via Swash Earn!

To participate in the DAO, vote and submit your own proposals, learn more here.

Swash does data analytics — the release of sIntelligence

Swash’s mission has always been to revolutionise the data industry as we know it. As much as you may think that Swash is an awesome and lucrative browser extension, in reality, it is actually a robust ecosystem that benefits both the internet user as well as the companies in need of reliable, unique, zero-party data.

As we surf towards a more equitable internet (pun intended), earlier this year, Swash partnered with DataHive DAO to co-launch sIntelligence — a data analytics platform helping businesses level-up their insights built on the Swash data.

Having the lowdown on your industry, market, and rivals is key to businesses looking to stay in the game. The sIntelligence CMI dashboard lets businesses analyse with their industry, measure their success against competitors, and ultimately, dig deep into their audience’s behaviours and overall business activity.

Learn more.

That’s a wrap! The progress certainly doesn’t stop here, but this blog does. There are many more developments on the horizon, such as the Android mobile app, expansion of Swash Earn and a few aesthetic changes 👀…

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Catch you on the flipside! 👋

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Swash is an online earning portal where you can earn points for being active and completing tasks online. Redeem your earnings for crypto or choose to donate to causes you believe in.

Whether you’re surfing the web, seeing ads, or sharing opinions, you deserve to be thanked for your efforts.

New ways to amp up your earnings are added to Swash every month!

Alongside the Swash earning dashboard, Swash consists of a wide network of interlinking collaborators including:

  • brands that publish ads with Swash Ads
  • businesses that buy and analyse data with sIntelligence
  • data scientists who build models with sCompute
  • developers who innovate on the Swash stack
  • charities who receive your donations with Data for Good

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