Swash Earn Goes Live!

An intuitive user interface, tailored surveys, and potential earnings of up to $200 per month…

Swash Earn Goes Live!

Swash is very excited to announce that the very first of the ‘Swash Earn’ features is now live, bringing even more earning opportunities to all Swash members.

Dedicated to providing Swash users with the best experience and earnings, the survey feature, announced just under six months ago, joins the growing list of releases from our team in 2023.

Why surveys?

The introduction of the Kenbak-1 computer marked a significant milestone, but it was the subsequent rise of the internet that truly revolutionised our ability to search for and gather information.

As our innate curiosity and quest for insights continued to expand, surveys emerged as a natural and logical evolution, providing businesses with a highly cost-effective and efficient alternative to conventional in-person focus groups.

In 2020 alone, the global spending on market research and analytics reached approximately $52 billion. The exponential growth doesn’t end there — the global online survey software market is expected to grow from an initial value of $8.077 billion in 2021, to $32.626 billion by 2028.

In this unprecedented economy, the trend towards online income streams is evident. Every year, the number of searches for ‘how to earn online’ and ‘passive income’ increases. Unsurprisingly, people from all backgrounds and ages are seeking additional income easily and conveniently.

Swash Earn is here to connect those key trends and benefit both the business and the user. With an intuitive UI, and great partners that tailor surveys based on individual demographics and/or interests — Swash’s surveys feature hopes to set a new standard of trust, accessibility and earning potential.

Why complete surveys?

To put it simply — it’s extra money in your pocket to spend, donate or hold for a rainy day.

Our survey partners ensure that you’ll only see surveys that are relevant to you, so that you never have to spend your precious time filling out a form about something you have completely no interest or knowledge about. Talk about a pleasurable passive income!

Let’s talk business — currently, Swash Earn survey respondents can expect potential earnings of up to $200 a month, all earned from the comfort of their sofa. Sweet, right?

Swash is determined to prioritise user satisfaction and revolutionise the surveying experience. By combining a user-friendly interface, established and trust-worthy survey partners, and the opportunity for substantial monthly earnings, the first of the ‘Swash Earn’ feature is paving the way for a more trustworthy, rewarding, and enjoyable approach to earning passive income.

How to start

  1. Install the Swash web plugin on your browser, get your profile verified, and bam! You’re automatically connected to the Swash survey dashboard and ready to roll.
  2. Before you dive in, peep the rules for each provider to master the art of survey filling and how to claim your well-earned rewards.
  3. Start filling in surveys so our partners know what to match you with.

As you set up your profile you may encounter some screening questions. This is so that our survey partners can pair you with the surveys relevant to you — so make sure to answer each question as best and honestly you can. Survey questions are tailored to you based on your responses and the system needs about a week to get to know you first.

A few last words of wisdom:

Remember, consistency is key — the more consistent you are with filling out all available surveys, the more opportunities you will receive as the system will be able to match you more effectively. Also, more survey providers will continue to be added over time, so you’ll have even more opportunities to share your opinions and get paid for doing so!

You can also monitor your pending and claimed earnings through the History section. All earnings will go straight to your Swash wallet and when it’s time to cash out, follow the steps we outlined here. New ways to redeem, like Paypal and gift cards are coming soon.

Meet our launch partners

In order to launch our new survey modules, Swash shook hands with the two biggest players in the marketing research and survey industry.

  • Cint — Boasting over 4600+ survey panels, Cint helps agencies, brands, and researchers find the right target audience for online surveys.
  • CPX — A partner of leading brands and over 120 market research companies, CPX is trusted by 5k+ other publishers. CPX surveys are designed to engage B2C audiences and focus on topics such as consumer purchasing decisions, brand awareness, and perspectives towards new products.

The launch of Swash Earn surveys feature by Swash opens up a world of possibilities for users seeking passive income opportunities. With its intuitive user interface, tailored surveys, and potential earnings of up to $200 per month, Swash Earn offers a trustworthy and rewarding experience.

Don’t wait, share your views, shape the future, and earn rewards with Swash Earn today.

Got questions? Check-out our FAQ section. In the unlikely event of not being able to find the answer you were looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via socials or email.

About Swash

Know your worth and earn for being you, online.

Swash is an online earning portal where you can earn points for being active and completing tasks online. Redeem your earnings for crypto or choose to donate to causes you believe in.

Whether you’re surfing the web, seeing ads, or sharing opinions, you deserve to be thanked for your efforts.

New ways to amp up your earnings are added to Swash every month!

Alongside the Swash earning dashboard, Swash consists of a wide network of interlinking collaborators including:

  • brands that publish ads with Swash Ads
  • businesses that buy and analyse data with sIntelligence
  • data scientists who build models with sCompute
  • developers who innovate on the Swash stack
  • charities who receive your donations with Data for Good

Swash has completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK and is an accredited member of the Data & Marketing Association.

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