2022: Year in Review

2022 was a crazy year that challenged us all. From the economic downturn felt across all sectors, to the long-lasting bear market and fall…

2022: Year in Review

2022 was a crazy year that challenged us all. From the economic downturn felt across all sectors, to the long-lasting bear market and fall of many industry leaders, building in such a climate has been an experience to say the least. However, those that persevered and chose to dive head-first into those challenging moments are set to be stronger than ever. Swash is here to stay.

2022 marks a year of many ‘firsts’ for Swash, whether its milestones reached, product launches going live, network expansion, or revenue generation.

First and foremost, the Swash Data Union has become bigger and stronger than ever. Having reached over 320K members and counting, we’d like to recognise that the achievements outlined in this blog couldn’t have happened without the presence, support, and trust of each and every one of you. 💚

Keep reading for a breakdown of all the highlights from the last year. There’s also a sneak peek of what’s coming next at the end… Get your party shoes ready, Swashbucklers.

🏆 Swash now an accredited member of the Data and Marketing Association in the UK!

As the only DataUnion with DMA membership status, this milestone marks an important endorsement of our data processing methods from an independent regulator-recognised third party.

“The updated compliance process ensures that DMA Members continue to work to the highest standards, and that Membership remains a badge of accreditation that can be trusted in a data-driven world.”

— Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA

🏅 Swash nominated as Start Up of the Year at the CityAM CryptoAM awards!

It was such an honour to be nominated as Start Up of the Year at the City AM, CryptoAM awards! Although we didn’t win this time round, it was awesome to be nominated alongside some other cool projects and to receive such positive feedback from the judges.

✅ First Swash ecosystem revenue achieved

As a year of expansion from all angles, 2022 also saw the expansion of Swash’s business model into a revenue-generating company!

Despite receiving interest and praise from all kinds of data buyers from early on in the Swash roadmap, we were surprised and proud to cross that milestone and start generating revenue for the ecosystem much earlier than expected.

Now, with the launch of Swash’s First Wave Solutions (sIntelligence and sAds), added revenue streams are in place to further the Swash ecosystem.

⚔️ 320K+ members and counting!

Since our IDO in Q42021, the Swash Data Union has seen some exponential member growth. From less than 100K members, our union has grown by about 220%, surpassing 320K users!

Given the tricky market conditions, this can easily be classed as one of our proudest moments to date. Swash remains one of the biggest Data Unions, sure, but also one of the biggest dapps out there. However, fear not, we have no plans of stopping here!

Existing Swash members will have a massive role to play in this forecasted growth so, if you have a friend or a neighbour that still isn’t taking agency over their data — make sure to drop them a referral link to help them get started.

🤝 Partnerships and integrations with industry leaders

Aiming to create a better and fairer data economy, we believe in working for and with rather than against others. Along a great number of existing Swash all-star backers, 2022 has given opportunity to increase the list of our partners and integrations:

Also, special mention to our friends at Outlier Ventures, who were named Web3 Accelerator of the year for 2022!

To find out more about each partner and how they help Swash, check this out:

🐼 Data for what? Data for Good!

Data for Good is a donations feature available within the Swash app which enables members to automatically donate the value of their data to a social good organisation of their choice. It’s now live and available to all Swash Data Union members.

So, how does it work?

Keep scrolling for a detailed overview, but it’s as simple as:

  1. Choose a charity to donate to from the list
  2. Select what percentage of your earnings you want to donate and how often
  3. Surf the web as normal!

With various charities available, the Data for Good in-app feature enables you to donate all or some of your data profits to a cause of your choice. So, the next time you surf the web and watch your wallet fill, perhaps consider passing on some of your good fortunes.

💚 Swash network + community expansion with the AMPlify Swash Ambassador Program

April saw the launch of the Swash ambassador program, which attracted more than 1000 applicants!

There are many reasons to become a Swash ambassador, including:

  • Earn monthly $SWASH based on rank, impact and engagement level
  • Lead an active role with one of the fastest-growing projects in Web 3
  • Get exclusive access to Swash’s developments and plans
  • Explore employment and career development opportunities
  • Learn about emerging trends in Web 3 and the cryptoverse

Having welcomed the first bunch of Swashbucklers to the ranks, the ambassador program is now being levelled-up ready for the next wave of ambassadors to join.

Keep an eye out for AMPlify 2.0 coming in 2023.

As well as onboarding a bunch of enthusiastic ambassadors around the world, Swash contributors have also grown to 20 people worldwide. We also regularly have open positions, so be sure to check out our LinkedIn to find your next role in Web3.

🌐 In-app and technical roadmap updates

The Swash app has had some pretty notable updates over the last year, but the technical side has also been busy behind the scenes achieving major technical milestones outlined in the Swash whitepaper.

As well as delivering on huge product launches, the technical contributors have been busy with the development of important elements of the Swash ecosystem architecture, such as the Data Product Provider (DPP), the migration of Swash from HBase to Redshift, and building the infrastructure for sCompute. Stay tuned for some technical deep-dives on each of these coming soon.

As well as ongoing bug fixes and anti-fraud, anti-bot-prevention mechanisms, we’ve also added awesome UX/UI features to the app, like the Product Tour where members can explore the app, plus a Profile section to introduce yourself and prove you’re human. Read more about Swash’s design evolution here.

⚡️ New and awesome community initiatives

As a people-driven project that strives to give voice and agency to each and every internet user, our loyal Swashbucklers sit at the very core of what we do. Improving the existing opportunities and introducing new community initiatives has been important to us from the very beginning.

In 2022, the community set out to introduce itself to new countries and languages, increase the amount of community generated content, and of course, further solidify the Swash brand identity globally.

With this, we’ve introduced some exciting new projects:

👾 Join Swash on Discord!

Towards the end of the year, the Swashbucklers also moved into a comfier space — our new and shiny Discord server! Welcoming new and old members with open arms, this new space will allow the community to grow and thrive with Discord-native events, competitions, AMAs, and more. With special channels dedicated to all things Swash, catching up on Data Union updates and engaging with other members has never been easier! Go and say hi.

⚔️ The Swash Guild

The shift to Discord also allowed for the introduction of the Swash Guild which allows all Swashbucklers to gain access to new roles and cement themselves as part of the SwashFam.

📣 Canny — a community feedback form allowing you to have your say

It’s no news that, as a product made for the people, public opinion matters. With the ongoing growth of the numbers and ideas, we wanted to make sure that streamlined processes are in place to collect and reward the bright and imaginative minds among us.

Enter Canny — a community feedback form allowing each and every person to be heard and rewarded for any proposals that are actioned. Now, contributing towards the success of Swash has never been easier. Simply submit, share and upvote ideas and be rewarded with $SWASH tokens for any proposals actioned.

🥇 Crew3 — complete tasks, climb the leaderboard and win monthly prizes

Becoming a Swash community member comes with a multitude of perks, however, with the help of our new Crew3 gamified leaderboard, each and every Swashbuckler can complete tasks, gain XP and be in a chance to win amazing monthly prizes such as $SWASH, $USDT, gift cards, merch and more.

Ready to climb up the ranks and receive a little something in return? Join our Crew3 today!

💎 DAO Ignition

Last but not least, with our upcoming DAO release in mind, the DAO Ignition launched at the very beginning of 2022 with the aim of kickstarting the Swash DAO through a one-of-a-kind competition.

With the campaign nearly at its end, all hands are on deck to welcome all of our early-bird DAO members mid-Q12023. The upcoming DAO launch will mark a huge milestone in Swash’s history.

❓So, what’s next?

2022 has been huge for Swash, but 2023 will see the same, if not increased growth across all sectors.

🕸 The launch of the Swash DAO

As we continue to improve the Swash brand and strengthen the amazing Swash community, the release of the Swash DAO is just on the horizon.

The magnitude of opportunities for the Swash community to get more involved will further celebrate our most loyal Swashbucklers as the core of what Swash is and where it’s headed. And personally, we couldn’t be any more excited for it!

🕹 Launch of sAds — Earn More with Swash Ads and customise your New Tab Experience

sApps — one of Swash’s First Wave Solutions — is now launching with the release of Swash Ads (sAds) in January 2023.

Swash enters the world of digital advertising with the launch of sAds, the first of many Earn More opportunities for internet users looking to amplify their passive earnings while setting new standards for advertising.

sAds is the first of the Earn More features within the Swash app. Earn More will be a one-stop shop for new ways to maximise your earnings within the Swash ecosystem and the broader Web 3 passive income space.

Soon after the release of sAds, you’ll be able to opt-in to complete surveys, watch videos, take quizzes and much more.

⚙️ sIntelligence now live with DataHive DAO

The Swash x DataHive DAO partnership will see the integration of our networks, users, and unique expertise to bring sIntelligence — Web 3’s answer to Google Analytics — to life.

By forming this alliance, Swash and DataHive DAO aim to form a gold standard for zero-party data-based marketing and advertising. As a result of our partnership, we will unite our users, resources, clients, and marketing efforts to see an accelerated rollout across more markets with a complete, comprehensive offering for our users and customers.

Outside the technical roadmap, here’s a glimpse at what else is going on:

  • Expanding the network
  • Broadening marketing reach
  • Reactivating and growing the community
  • Increasing the adoption of Data for Good
  • Adding new partners and developers to the ecosystem
  • Increasing rewards for active users

About Swash

Know your worth and earn for being you, online.

Swash is an online earning portal where you can earn up to $200 per month for being active and completing tasks online. Whether you’re surfing the web, seeing ads, or sharing opinions, you deserve to be thanked for your efforts.

New ways to amp up your earnings are added to Swash every month!

Alongside the Swash earning dashboard, Swash consists of a wide network of interlinking collaborators including:

  • brands that publish ads with Swash Ads
  • businesses that buy and analyse data with sIntelligence
  • data scientists who build models with sCompute
  • developers who innovate on the Swash stack
  • charities who receive your donations with Data for Good

Swash has completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK and is an accredited member of the Data & Marketing Association.

Nothing herein should be viewed as legal, tax or financial advice and you are strongly advised to obtain independent legal, tax or financial advice prior to buying, holding or using digital assets, or using any financial or other services and products. There are significant risks associated with digital assets and dealing in such instruments can incur substantial risks, including the risk of financial loss. Digital assets are by their nature highly volatile and you should be aware that the risk of loss in trading, contributing, or holding digital assets can be substantial.

Reminder: Be aware of phishing sites and always make sure you are visiting the official https://swashapp.io website. Swash will never ask you for confidential information such as passwords, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes. You should store this information privately and securely and report any suspicious activity.