PRODUCT: Be Braver, Earn More with Swash Ads

sApps — one of Swash’s First Wave Solutions — is now live with the release of Swash Ads (sAds). Swash enters the world of digital…

PRODUCT: Be Braver, Earn More with Swash Ads

sApps — one of Swash’s First Wave Solutions — is now live with the release of Swash Ads (sAds). Swash enters the world of digital advertising with the launch of sAds, the first of many Earn More opportunities for internet users looking to amplify their passive earnings while setting new standards for advertising.

We’re kicking off 2023 with a bang.

As part of a groundbreaking development in the Swash ecosystem, we are excited to announce that Swash Ads (sAds) is now live for all verified Swash Data Union members!

sAds is the first of the Earn More features within the Swash app. Earn More will be a one-stop shop for new ways to maximise your earnings within the Swash ecosystem and the broader Web 3 passive income space.

Soon after the release of sAds, you’ll be able to opt-in to complete surveys, watch videos, take quizzes and much more.

Why here? Why now?

By now, most of us are aware of the way advertising works online. We know that our data is valuable primarily because it is used to fuel the ads that we see whenever we open a new webpage or scroll on social media.

What is less known is how limited this model is.

The world of advertising is undergoing a major upgrade, being forced to adapt when the inefficiency of existing methods are now crystal clear. Although ad spending in the digital advertising market is at an estimated $616bn, over 763.5 million people currently use ad blockers, leading to an estimated $81bn wasted on ad fraud and bots.

Advertisers lack viable alternatives to the current model. Consumers are tired of annoying, badly targeted ads. Advertisers include a vast range of businesses who simply want to get in front of their target audience. To do this in a digital space means relying on only a few dominant players, such as Google and other tech giants, with few effective alternatives.

On the other hand, everyday internet users are burdened with annoying ads that are rarely relevant due to the low quality data used to fuel them. However, when people are given the chance to opt-in and are compensated for their attention, such as with Brave, the tables turn.

With over 50 million users at the time of writing, it’s clear that people are waking up to the fact that they too deserve to be valued within the digital economy and are willing to act on it.

Know your worth — Get Swash Ads

While Swash users receive earnings for their ad attention, advertisers can target a new, hard-to-reach, fully opted-in audience with cookieless zero-party advertising methods.

How to Earn More

Now, verified Swash app users can opt-in to start earning from sAds.

Not a member yet? Get the app here.

Verify yourself by going to the Profile section where you can add your email, phone number, and share basic information about yourself so Swash can confirm you’re not a bot.

As this is a huge development for the Swash app, sAds will launch in beta. This means that, although you can start earning straight away, we’re still testing the feature and there may be bugs. If you spot anything you think we should know about, contact the team at [email protected] or file a ticket on Discord.

Once verified, go to the Earn More section within the Swash App. Here, you will see several toggles which allow you to choose what kind of ads you’d like to see.

Full Page Ads — The New Tab Experience (NTX)

When you open a new tab on your browser, the new tab will feature a fully customisable space where you can choose what you want to see including widgets, jokes, gifs, and more.

Soon, when you scroll down from the NTX, you’ll also find the Swash News feed where you can tailor your sources by site or category.

Ads show as a full page image and also integrated within the Swash News feed.

Push Notifications

Push notifications appear in the form of small text-based popups which appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Integrated Display Ads

When you’re looking at a list of search results or on certain webpages, small banner ads will appear alongside the content of the page.

Benefits for the community

  • Amplify your earnings as you browse
  • No need to change your habits, sAds meet you where you are on any browser
  • NTX offers a fully customisable experience and tab glow-up
  • Receive ads fuelled by Swash’s high-quality data = more relevant ads
  • New use case for the Swash token
  • Advertisers should buy the Swash token to be able to publish their ads, increasing buying power for the token and rewards for Swash’s users

Benefits for brands & advertisers

  • Connect with hard-to-reach audiences
  • A cookieless alternative in the face of cookiemageddon
  • Adopt sustainable business practices in a GDPR-friendly manner
  • Reduced risk of ad fraud and wasted ad spending

The launch of sAds marks the first of the sApps solutions — an opportunity for others to join us in expanding the Swash ecosystem by building on Swash’s tech stack. Propelling Swash into the world of digital advertising, sAds opens up Swash’s B2B offering while providing another opportunity for Swash’s Data Union members to Earn More as they surf.

Install the Swash app and get verified to join the sAds beta today!

About Swash

Know your worth and earn for being you, online.

Swash is an online earning portal where you can earn up to $200 per month for being active and completing tasks online.

Whether you’re surfing the web, seeing ads, or sharing opinions, you deserve to be thanked for your efforts.

New ways to amp up your earnings are added to Swash every month!

Alongside the Swash earning dashboard, Swash consists of a wide network of interlinking collaborators including:

  • brands that publish ads with Swash Ads
  • businesses that buy and analyse data with sIntelligence
  • data scientists who build models with sCompute
  • developers who innovate on the Swash stack
  • charities who receive your donations with Data for Good

Swash has completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK and is an accredited member of the Data & Marketing Association.

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