sApps: the balance-wheel between people and the Swash ecosystem

Swash empowers people by giving them more control over their data while offering rewards for their contributions, allowing for a seamless…

sApps: the balance-wheel between people and the Swash ecosystem

Swash empowers people by giving them more control over their data while offering rewards for their contributions, allowing for a seamless connection with businesses trying to navigate a new kind of data economy.

One of the First Wave Solutions to be born out of this ecosystem is sApps, Swash’s developer environment where the next generation of data enthusiasts can come together to build on Swash’s core technology. sApps allow for the expansion of the Swash vision by enabling a robust community of developers and members to plug in to new value chains for everyday people and businesses.

Introducing the route to an emerging set of data solutions under Swash

Developers power the sApps ecosystem by building native solutions which can communicate directly with anyone using them. The system ensures the proper distribution of earnings when people complete the tasks that sApps offers.

At the centre of every Swash solution is the assurance that individuals will receive fair compensation while having flexibility and control over the sharing of their data to external parties. Moreover, sApps expands value chains and provides added use cases for everyday people taking part in the Swash universe.

The first sApps in the Swash roadmap

The genesis solutions under the sApps infrastructure will be created by Swash and will address ads, surveys, recommendations, and airdrops.

sAd will be the first advertising platform built on user-consented data, where people will get rewarded for opting-in to receive ads in a crypto native environment.

The flow of sAd is straightforward and aligned with Swash’s best practices for data:

  1. Advertisers create a unique campaign for Swash members who opt in to view them;
  2. Those members who want to participate in sAd view the campaign;
  3. The sAd platform measures the performance of each campaign (e.g., clicks, impressions);
  4. The performance is recorded under the smart contract while triggering the redistribution of rewards to Swash users.

Beyond sAd, Swash aims to improve the flow of information between people and organisations for other market research tools.

Redefining market intelligence tools with sPoll

Currently, surveys and polls are left unanswered due to a lack of incentive for participants, while companies waste resources developing low impact market research campaigns, leaving all actors unsatisfied. On the one hand, individuals are not interested in sharing their data without control over it or a financial incentive for doing so. Meanwhile, businesses have to deal with low response rates and bad-quality data from existing solutions.

How do we solve this?

Creating a system where users can opt-in to receive surveys, consent to their data being shared, and get rewarded for completing tasks. As a result, businesses save time and money by accessing high-quality, zero-party insights from people that actually choose to share their data.

In the background, the sPoll ecosystem manages all the relationships between Swash members and organisations, while Smart Contracts trigger the payout for users who complete the forms.

Enabling valuable feedback channels between customers and businesses

Alongside market research efforts, companies rely on customer recommendations in their marketing practices to ensure quality customer service and impactful campaigns.

With sRecommender, people can provide more thorough recommendations to businesses, allowing organisations to benefit from reliable feedback directly from their audience. The same distributed compensation scheme that rewards users for their efforts is in place, triggered by smart contracts once the recommendation has been provided.

The privacy of Swash members is always guaranteed, and organisations only access user-consented insights, reshaping how people recommend services and products.

Helping startups with seamless marketing campaigns

The sApps ecosystem goes further to help particular pains that startups face in the crypto world. Currently, airdrops are one the most used marketing tools for new crypto projects to increase their user base and engage with token holders.

However, mistrust from fake airdrop campaigns has caused many crypto holders to be suspicious of these initiatives, creating the need for reliable solutions to manage the relationship between the airdrop provider and the receiver.

sAirdrop will enable the fast and easy executions of an airdrop campaign in a crypto environment powered by Swash, increasing its efficiency and restoring trust in airdrops for the community.

Stay tuned for more updates in Swash’s roadmap, where the next generation of decentralised applications are brought to life under the mantra of a fair, open, and transparent internet.

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About Swash

Swash is an ecosystem of tools and services that enable people, businesses, and developers to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its value.

People share their data to earn while retaining their privacy. Businesses access high-quality, zero-party data in a sustainable and compliant way. Developers set up and build systems within a collaborative development framework with ease.

Swash is reimagining data ownership by enabling all actors of the data economy to earn, access, build and collaborate in a liquid digital ecosystem for data. Read more about the upcoming IDO and get whitelisted.

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Originally published at on October 13, 2021.