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Swash aims to rebalance the digital economy by giving more to everyday internet users.
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About Swash
About Swash
Swash rewards people for the value they contribute online. It’s an alternative solution that makes it easy for individuals to come together as a collective and to profit from their data, simply by installing a browser plugin.
About SwashAbout Swash
The current ecosystem doesn’t acknowledge that, without people, the digital economy wouldn’t exist. A select few reap the rewards that belong to the many by collecting, using, and selling our data in shady ways without hesitation or consequence.

By rewarding people for the data they create as they surf the web, we recognise the importance of individuals as essential value contributors. We enrich them and the data economy by redefining standards around how data is collected and valued, helping to reshape the data economy to serve the majority and to shape a fairer, more equitable world.
How it works
About SwashWe create a copy of your non-sensitive data, pool it, and place it on a decentralised data marketplace where buyers subscribe to data streams.

At Swash, we don't collect sensitive data. Any data we collect is completely anonymous, with end-to-end multicast encryption.

This is powered by Streamr technology; a decentralised solution that ensures data collection and transactions are transparent and secure.

Access to the data is sold on a subscription basis to data buyers. Swash takes a small percentage of the subscription revenue to support operations and shares the rest equally between Swash users.

As more people join Swash, and more data is aggregated, the value of the data union also increases. This means the community receives more for their daily activities over time as Swash’s popularity grows.
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