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To create a fair data economy by giving profits back to people.
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About Swash
About Swash
Swash rewards people for the value of their data. The current ecosystem doesn’t acknowledge that, without people, the digital economy wouldn’t exist. Shady companies collect, use, and sell everyone’s data for trillions without consent or consequence while the people who create that data receive nothing.
About SwashAbout Swash
By rewarding people for the data created while surfing the web, Swash enables people to practice their data rights while celebrating the role of individuals as essential value providers. This, in turn, helps to set standards and to reshape the data economy by providing an alternative solution that works for the majority, not the few.
How it works
About SwashSwash captures your non-sensitive data, pools it, and places it on a decentralised data marketplace where buyers pay to access it. None of the data collected is sensitive and it’s anonymised, with end-to-end encryption adding another layer of security.

This is powered by Streamr technology; a decentralised solution that ensures data collection and transactions are transparent and secure.

Access to the data is sold on a subscription basis to data buyers. Swash takes a small percentage of the profits from sales to support operations and shares the rest equally between Swash users.

As more people join Swash and more data is gathered, the value of the data union where everyone’s data is pooled together will also increase. This means the community receives more for their daily activities over time as Swash’s popularity grows.
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