Our Mission

To create a fair data economy by giving profits back to people.

Redistributing data profits back to people.
Operating on a better-than-free model, Swash members receive a share of the value generated from their data. The current data economy scrapes data without sharing any of the trillions of dollars it generates. By enriching users, Swash makes more of what already is by providing a simple way to passively earn while you surf, leading to a fairer world and better, more equitable internet.
Using cutting-edge technology to set new standards for the data economy.
With open-source technology, Swash is driven by transparency and security. Once installed, your data is automatically captured, pooled, and sold on your behalf. When the data is bought, Swash takes a small percentage of the profits from sales to support operations and shares the rest equally between its members. Swash has completed a full Data Protection Impact Assessment and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
Putting data rights into action with ease.
Regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, have been good for creating standards around data. Unfortunately, no one has time to read pages of Terms & Conditions or to review cookies whenever they visit a website, so it’s difficult to put those rights into practice. Swash requires members to opt-in to be able to work. It also presents the captured data before it’s added to the pool, giving you more control over the data you share.
Giving back with Data Donations.
Some might say your Swash earnings are passive income. Others say it's a kind of Universal Basic Income. Whatever you call it, it’s something you didn’t already have. Now, through Data for Good, you can donate it directly to your chosen charity through Swash in just a few clicks. Environmental causes, children’s charities, and health organisations are just some of the many social goods organisations you can support, with new ones added regularly.
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Let’s see what people power can do.
Data is unique; it becomes more valuable when more of it is available. As more people install the Swash plugin and more data is gathered, the value of the pool (or ‘Data Union’) will also increase. This means that you, the community, will receive more from Swash as it continues to grow. If you want to speed up the process and earn extra, you can invite your friends using your referral link.
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