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Meet sIntelligence.

Actionable, zero-party insights built on Data Union data and fuelled by Web 3. The sIntelligence analytics platform is a cookieless solution bringing businesses and people together.

Swash is here to form a gold standard for zero-party data-based marketing and advertising.
Powered by Web 3 technology, gather high-quality, reliable, cross-sectional insights about your industry to catapult your business to the next level.
Do business better knowing that your data isn’t dirty. Swash data providers are fully opted-in and are compensated for sharing their information.

Swash partners
& customers

Swash is proud to be working with a variety of tier 1 enterprises across a range of industries, including retailers, CPGs, media, Telco, insurance, and finance, to name a few. See the list of incubation partners here:

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What sIntelligence means to your business

sIntelligence platform offers modern enterprise full control of how data can be accessed and used with industry leading software solutions for identity, activation, and data collaboration.

Easy access to high-quality, zero-party data at scale

360 customer identity solution

Multi-touch attribution

Cut out intermediaries and reduce data fraud

Discover market and industry trends

Better connect with your audiences

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