Unlock the power of data
securely with sCompute
Build models on high-quality, zero-party data on site and in a privacy-preserving manner, contribute to a worldwide network of data scientists, and seamlessly innovate through ML.
scompute pipeline executions
Why sCompute?
Access high-quality,
zero-party data
Accelerate innovation
Prepare data and
build ML models
Remove risk of sharing
and storing data
Use cases
Train Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning models
Access more data to better train
and test your AI and ML models.
Improve the accuracy of your
models by accessing high-quality
data that is typically hard-to-reach
without risk.
Choose from a range
of data science tools to get insights
Easily apply a range of Machine
Learning services to your data
by uploading scripts, generating
datasets, and applying tools
in just a few clicks.
Build models on
zero-party data without risk
sCompute enables remote
computation so you can gather
insights from data without
the risks involved in handling
and storing data, preserving privacy.
Create, automate, and
manage AI/ML workflows with ease
With an IDE interface for data
scientists, quickly building and
training models directly into a
production environment has
never been easier.
How it works
01Filter through the data and
send a request to gain access to it
02Generate datasets, upload scripts,
and apply ML services to your data
03Pre-process data, train,
evaluate and test your
various ML models
Take a closer look at
the platform
Upload and
create your
model in minutes
Intuitive UI makes
uploading and choosing
algorithms seamless
Only pay for your
not the data itself
Fuelling the future
with sCompute
Run computations on high-quality, zero-party data on site
and in a privacy-preserving manner.